House of Steward Ragdolls Pet Contract

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House of Steward Ragdolls Guarantee:

1. House of Steward Ragdolls guarantees this kitten/cat to be healthy at the time of sale to be FeLV/FIV negative and free from any life threatening illnesses, infections, external parasites, ear mites, and fleas for up to 120 hours after buyer receives kitten. Our cats are treated with Pyrantel and Revolution for internal parasites, but due to the nature of internal parasites it is extremely difficult to guarantee 100% against them. This guarantee is valid for 120 hours from time of signature. This does not include mild respiratory infections cause by the stress of transportation. Mild sneezing and mild eye/nasal crusting is also a common side effect of the intra-nasal vaccination we use for our cats/kittens which can continue up to two weeks after receiving the vaccination. We strongly recommend you have your kitten examined by your veterinarian during this guarantee period. During this guarantee period the cat/kitten should not be exposed to any ill animal. To do so voids this health guarantee. If there are life threatening health problems, you may return the cat along with a detailed report from your Veterinarian within this guarantee period and we will replace with a cat of equal value when we have one available assuming we continue to breed. Monetary refund may be chosen if we are no longer breeding. This refund will include only purchase price, or partial price according to our discretion, and does not include transportation costs, or your veterinarian costs. If there is no communication from the buyer within this period this guarantee will be fulfilled.

2. Buyer will receive a record of the dates and type of vaccinations and the date which they will require additional vaccinations or boosters. Buyer will receive at time of purchase a cat toy, registration papers for you to send in to register your kitten, and a health report. Transportation carriers are not provided. Note: our kittens are litter registered but you will need to send in your individual registration papers once you receive the kitten. We guarantee this cat/kitten to be free of genetic disease such as heart, kidney, or liver up to and including their first birthday. Genetic disease or defects must be verified by a qualified Veterinarian and substantiated by testing. If a genetic disease or defect is present and verified, we will replace the kitten as per article 1. If the kitten dies from a genetic disease or defect, we require a necropsy from a licensed veterinarian to determine cause of death before any replacement/refund will be administered.

3. We require this kitten to be spayed/neutered by 6 months of age. TICA Registration papers will be sent when we receive written notification from your veterinary that spay/neuter has been accomplished.  Legal action may be taken if cat is used for breeding purposes.

Buyer Agreement:

1. Buyer agrees that this kitten will not be sold, leased, or given away to any pet store or research laboratory. Purchase of this cat for re-sale purposes is prohibited.

2. Buyer agrees to maintain regular health check-ups and provide all necessary immunizations, flea and parasite control, a clean environment, and good quality cat food. We do not recommend your kitten receive the FeLV/FIV vaccination as some Ragdolls have adverse reactions to the shot.

3. Buyer agrees to provide this kitten with a safe environment. Ragdolls are docile cats and have the tendency to not defend themselves. Because of this, Ragdoll cats are safer indoors and adjust very well to being an indoor only cat. If this cat/kitten has been allowed outside without supervision or safety precautions, all guarantees from the seller in this contract are null and void. Buyer agrees this kitten will not be declawed and will be de-sexed by 6 months of age. Legal action may be taken if this cat is used for breeding purposes.

    4. Buyer agrees not to hold seller liable for any of the following: Allergies to cats, injury resulting from the kitten's behavior or personality, (including injury to people, animals, or destruction of property), disapproval of a landlord, problems occurring from lack of proper training or lack of proper nutritional care, unpredictable features of kitten such as physical size and weight, length of fur, coloring, behavior, or personality of the kitten/cat.

5. Buyer agrees to contact seller with change of address and/or change of email address. Buyer is requested to give seller annual birthday updates with pictures of said kitten.